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dimanche 18 septembre 2016

Appel DT Finnabair....

Hello girls,
An exceptional item today. As you now must know, on Facebook, on all the social networks that the great Lady Finnabair launches are DT call.
It's really tempting.
worked all power products, 3D gel, Gesso, stencil, through acrylic paint. This dirty fingers, create on paper ....

I know many are laughing at me. Some say that to me it is useless to participate in this call.
And I would say that their attempts nothing gained.

One can always dream to be part of this team ... and I dream ... And I tried to believe in this possibility.

A special section for that call ...
and here are some achievements that I present.

Always believe in your dreams to move forward in life.

If there really missed calls its the one above and Prima Marketing ...

See you very soon


Jennifer Marie

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